PCR: Confetti wt
Name of Positive CTRL:Confetti wt
Annealing Temperature:58.0 °C
Number of cycles:35.0
Extension Time:30 s
Hot Start:HS 57
Primers:Primer:ID:Working Stock Concentration:Volume:Sequence (5'-3'):
mTUBB short F52710 µM10.0 µl for 1mlACCGGGCCCTCACTGTGCCTG
mTUBB short R52810 µM10.0 µl for 1mlCGTCCACGGAAGACGGCGGCA
oIMR8545585100 µM20.0 µl for 1mlAAA GTC GCT CTG AGT TGT TAT
oIMR8916586100 µM20.0 µl for 1mlCCA GAT GAC TAC CTA TCC TC
Expected Bands:Band Size: 118.0Description: mTUBB5-118(text displayed in the image)
Band Size: 386.0Description: 386 wt(text displayed in the image)
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