Name of Positive CTRL:CD25
Annealing Temperature:64.0 °C
Number of cycles:12.0
Extension Time:30 s
Hot Start:Not yet
Primers:Primer:ID:Working Stock Concentration:Volume:Sequence (5'-3'):
IMR6916491100 µM20.0 µl for 1mlCTT GGG TGG AGA GGC TAT TC
IMR6917492100 µM20.0 µl for 1mlAGG TGA GAT GAC AGG AGA TC
oIMR0461mut489100 µM10.0 µl for 1mlCTG TGT CTG TAT GAC CCA CC
oIMR0462 mut490100 µM10.0 µl for 1mlCAG GAG TTT CCT AAG CAA CG
Expected Bands:Band Size: 146.0Description: 146 wt(text displayed in the image)
Band Size: 280.0Description: 280 mutant(text displayed in the image)
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