PCR: pI-wt
Name of Positive CTRL:pI-wt
Annealing Temperature:60.0 °C
Number of cycles:35.0
Extension Time:60 s
Hot Start:Not yet
Primers:Primer:ID:Working Stock Concentration:Volume:Sequence (5'-3'):
m28s rDNA 225 F39010 µM10.0 µl for 1mlCAG ACG TGG CGA CCC GCT GA
m28s rDNA-225 R27610 µM10.0 µl for 1mlGCC TCA CAC CGT CCA CGG GC
mEX1A F456100 µM20.0 µl for 1mlCTG TCC AAG TCA CCC CTA AC
R9455100 µM20.0 µl for 1mlTCC ACT GTA CAC CTG AAC AG
Expected Bands:Band Size: 225.0Description: m28s 225(text displayed in the image)
Band Size: 734.0Description: 734 wt(text displayed in the image)
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