PCR: gpi44 ko
Name of Positive CTRL:gpi44 ko
Annealing Temperature:60.0 °C
Number of cycles:35.0
Extension Time:40 s
Hot Start:HS 65
Primers:Primer:ID:Working Stock Concentration:Volume:Sequence (5'-3'):
GPIneg2037 fw183100 µM10.0 µl for 1mlaaccgttacccacctcagggt
GPIneg2037 rev184100 µM10.0 µl for 1mlcagggcgcctcgagacgcgtca
m28s rDNA 225 F39010 µM10.0 µl for 1mlCAG ACG TGG CGA CCC GCT GA
m28s rDNA-225 R27610 µM10.0 µl for 1mlGCC TCA CAC CGT CCA CGG GC
Expected Bands:Band Size: 225.0Description: 225 m28(text displayed in the image)
Band Size: 600.0Description: 600 gpi ko(text displayed in the image)
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