FC: mice inoculated with prions; NBH: mice inoculated with non-infectious brain homogenate; RML: mice inoculated with prions; wpi: weeks post inoculation
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Expression profile during prion disease development in hippocampus Line plot displays log2FC RML (n=3) vs NBH (n=3) per each time point, except RML (n=3) vs NBH (n=2) at 20 wpi.
Triangles indicate that the log2FC is significant (FDR < 0.05).
Splice isoforms were considered differentially utilized for adjusted p value (padj)<0.05 between RML- (n=3) vs NBH- (n=3) treated mice at each time point, except RML (n=3) vs NBH (n=2) at 20 wpi

SE:I or SE:S: skipped exon, included or skipped; RI:R or RI:E: retained intron, retained or excluded; AFE: alternative first exon; ALE: alternative last exon; AS: alternative start; AE: alternative end; A3ss:P or A3ss:D: alternative 3' splice site, proximal (intron-shortening) or distal (intron-lengthening); A5ss:P or A5ss:D: alternative 5' splice site, proximal or distal. Other: rare alternative splicing subtype, e.g. mutually exclusive exons, two consecutive exons skipped.
Transcript Name Variant Type log2 FC Padj Chromosome Region_Start Region_End Time Point
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